Well, I’m mostly working with this thing… More details to come in the future, perhaps 😉

The 2nd game I worked on for Bizarre Creations, James Bond 007: Bloodstone is in stores now in the US and will be available everywhere else on the November the 5th! :) I hope everyone who manages to grab a copy has a great time playing it. Many congrats to the rest of the team for shipping a great little game :). Looking forward very much to the reviews, :)

I got featured on a new site dedicated to GameDev Blogs. I would definitely recommend having a look over there, as this directory of game developers’ blogs grows. If you’re a developer, why not consider adding yours to the list? :)


Hello all,

First of all apologies that this blog has been a little light on content this year thus far. I have a few bits and pieces I’d like to write about, but I’ve been very busy of late with work (and also with a few bits outside of work), both of which I hope to be able to discuss more openly soon.

Anyways, a couple of books came out recently which I have contributed chapters to. The first is GPU Pro which just dropped (at least here in Europe). For GPU Pro, I co-authored a chapter about our SPU-based deferred lighting system that I wrote for Blur. The article was actually penned about 12 months ago, but getting books out takes a little time so apologies for not being able to share this stuff sooner. The other book I contributed a chapter to has been out a couple of months now and is the latest installment of the hugely popular “Game Programming Gems” series. The chapter is about general techniques for SPU-assisted rendering on the PlayStation3 platform.

As always I welcome contact about any of my work, so please feel free to drop me a line or hit me up on twitter if you’d like to discuss any aspects of these chapters.

GPU pro covergems 8 cover



A few days back I did an interview with fellow Bizarreo, Charlie Birtwistle, about the technology behind Blur. I’m pleased to announe that it is now up for your reading pleasure over at Eurogamer, see the link below. Any comments or questions are most welcome.

Eurogamer Technology Interview


Eurogamer posted the following comparison of Blur on 360 and PS3:

Blur PS3 Cover

Blur” the first game I’ve worked on for Bizarre Creations is in all good video game stores now! We’re currently enjoying some jolly nice reviews (keep ’em coming!).


Finally got around to posting these guys up :) Enjoy!


Just a quick note to say I will be speaking at Develop Conference 2010. The talk is called “SPU-Assisted Rendering”, and will cover some of the SPU enhanced rendering we do in “Horizon,” the core technology at Bizarre Creations that powers Blur. Hope to see any of you there!


Hey all!
Just a quick one to post about some of the attention Blur has been getting in the last few days:

“Bring on the end of May, racing games just got enjoyable again.”
Total Video Games

“[Blur is] a game that looks like it might transcend its genre and rub shoulders with the Halo 3s and Modern Warfares of this world, and one that’s likely to be one of the best online experiences of the year.”

“The result is quite simply one of the most intense racing games we’ve ever played.”
Games Radar

“Nearly every race was a blistering, adrenaline-fueled affair that had me scooting up on my couch cushion to feel closer to the action.”

“Baring in mind up to twenty players can race at the same time, the first few seconds of the race provides an intensity and excitement that most racers fail to deliver throughout the entire dash from A to B.”

“This all amounts to a thrilling racer that’s full of potential.”

“[Blur] is a racing game first and foremost – and a damn good one at that.”
Video Gamer

“Combining over-the-top power-ups with realistic vehicles and tracks gives Blur the feel of a grown-up Mario Kart. The in-depth multiplayer ranking system also looks to be a great addition.”

“[Blur] is awesome and everyone should try and get their hands on it as soon as possible.”

“Blur’s multiplayer beta hints at a spectacular game.”
Ars Technica


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