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My name is Steven Tovey, Ste to my friends, I was born on the 26th of March 1985 in North London. I’ve moved house a lot, and I started young. When I was about three months old we moved from North London to the North West of England, specifically Manchester. I wrote my first code at about age five, on an Atari ST 520 in ST BASIC.

I’ve worked as a programmer at Slitherine Software, Juice Games UK. Ltd, a wholly owned subsidary of THQ Inc, and Bizarre Creations (a division of Activision Blizzard Inc.). I currently ply my trade as a Principal Programmer in the Advanced Technology Group at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd.

When I’m not at the computer, I enjoy hanging out with friends, reading, running, watching movies and American TV dramas, currently: Dexter, Breaking Bad House of Cards. One of my other passions is music (I have an eclectic taste, but some of my all-time favorite bands and artists include: Hondo Maclean, Norma Jean, Enigma, Foo Fighters, alexisonfire, NWA, Dr. Dre, so many more than I could ever list) and playing the drums, I have been in a number of bands over the years, most recently Ward Corner. With whom I was lucky enough to record an EP and play a 13 date tour of the UK. We split up in mid-2008 our EP, “Sharks! Spiders! Rollercoasters!” can be downloaded for free at our MySpace page.

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